Sweet potato brownies
Mango smoothie bowl
Middle-Eastern shakshuka with feta
– Spicy ramen with homemade broth
– Cinnamon rolls
Curried beet soup with madras roasted chickpeas
Pizza verde
Chocolate pancakes
Roasted red pepper ketchup
Chocolate truffles
Lemon and poppy seed pancakes
Green lime smoothie
Skinny salted peanut butter cookies
High protein vegan summer rolls
Summery strawberry, rhubarb and rose dessert soup
Vegan candied rose petals
Cucumber side salad with dill and red onion
Savory granola
Apricot and ginger bliss balls
Rainbow wrap with chickpeas
Instant noodle soup
Bouillon powder
Spelt wraps with herbs
Pumpkin soup with harissa and orange
Smokey roasted chickpeas
Pumpkin pie oatmeal
Winter quinoa salad
Baked apple crisp
Spicy pumpkin and coconut soup
Autumn apple pancakes
Frosty basil lemonade smoothie
Pumpkin brownies with nuts and a chocolate and date caramel drizzle
Creamy red lentil and coconut soup
Super crunchy coconut quinoa granola
Simple vegan banana bread
Italian zuppa caprese
Blueberry muffins with a walnut streusel topping
Quinoa salad with a creamy pesto dressing, spinach and sweet potato
Cold brewed jamaican hibiscus iced tea
Nutty raspberry streusel bars
‘PB & J’ oatmeal
Roasted red pepper hummus
Grain salad with raspberries, basil and walnuts
Avocado boats with eggs and creamy pesto
Creamy pesto with walnuts and spinach
Spicy pumpkin soup
Strawberry rhubarb lemonade with lime, mint, vanilla and ginger
Two ingredient raspberry jam
The best marinara pasta sauce
Spiced zucchini muffins with apple
Salted peanut butter cookies
Simple zucchini soup
Apple muffins with walnuts, cinnamon and zante currants
Grilled wild peach and lime-ginger portobello burgers
Sweet potato and lemon baked falafel
Apple pie oatmeal
Simple tomato soup
Black bean protein burgers
Strawberry rhubarb crumble
Cherry garcia muffins
Burrito wraps with veggies and a lime-cilantro hummus
Apple scones
Quinoa sushi bowl
Quinoa sushi
Savory egg muffins
Summer pizza with a sweet potato crust
Orange banana pancakes
Banana muffins
The ultimate granola
Blueberry banana breakfast muffins
Lime mocktail smoothie
Lime banana nicecream
Clubsandwich with tomato hummus
Banana peanut butter cookies
Black bean quinoa burgers with sweet potato fries
Simple veggie bowl
Pumpkin pancakes



  • Reply Chloe November 12, 2015 at 05:49

    I found your website through food blogger pro. It looks fantastic! Keep it up. It feels very user friendly and well designed. I am also new to food blogging and love seeing all the creative heathy recipes people create. I’ll have to connect with you on instagram as well.

    Have a good day!

    • Reply Emma November 12, 2015 at 14:35

      Hey Chloe,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! I would love to connect with you on Instagram too :) What is your username? Mine is @thathealthykitchen


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