The Ultimate Granola

A photo of a granola cluster. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

When I was younger, I really enjoyed having granola for breakfast, preferably the one chock full of sugar, refined wheats and even some chocolate pieces if I was lucky. I would gobble it down with some milk or yoghurt and go off to school. Back then, I even thought that that granola was a healthy breakfast, a good choice to start the day. Now I really can’t imagine myself eating store-bought granola for breakfast (or any other meal for that matters), and this is for a couple of reasons, but the most important isn’t even health reasons, it is definitely TASTE.

Once you have made granola yourself once, and you know how good it tastes compared to all the granolas they carry in your local supermarket, you’ll never want anything else!

This granola is so good, I actually have to make it at least once a week to keep my boyfriend satisfied. When I made this granola last night at like midnight (I love midnight baking), and he smelled what I was making, he insisted on staying up until the granola had cooled so he could have some haha, crazy granola stories.

The Ultimate GranolaSo, this recipe really is worth it to make granola yourself once. I know it might be easier to just use your supermarkets granola, but – and I can’t say this often enough – this really is worth it!

The ultimate granola
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 25 mins
Total time: 35 mins
Yield: about 2,5 to 3 cups

2 cups (240 gram) muesli (I used a mixture of wholegrain wheat, oat and barley flakes)
1/2 cup mixed nuts and/or dried fruit (I used cashews, sunflower seeds and raisins)
1 1/3 cup (100 gram) desiccated shredded coconut
3 tablespoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil
4 tablespoons agave syrup, maple syrup or honey

1. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celcius.
2. Mix the muesli, nuts and/or dried fruit, shredded coconut and cinnamon properly, until everything is distributed evenly.
3. Pour the coconut oil and liquid sweetener over the mixture and stir through.
4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the mixture evenly over the baking tray and press it firmly to make sure the granola will consist of compact clusters.
5. Bake the granola for 25 minutes or until it turns golden brown. While the granola is baking, stir the granola every 5 minutes or so. This is not absolutely necessary, but it prevents the granola from becoming one big cluster. Of course you can also just break the granola bark into little clusters afterwards.
6. Let the granola slowly cool in the oven. Store in an air tight jar. It will keep for up to a month, but I am sure it won’t last that long ;)

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