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My Marley Spoon experience

– This post is sponsored by Marley Spoon –

Have you ever had the problem of not having enough hours in a day? To want to do more than what was possible? Me too! And the first things that often are removed from my schedule during such a busy day are often exercising and eating right. Instead of doing groceries and making a home cooked meal like I know I should, I would order in (most often sushi, loveeeee it!) and eat while still working. However, eating sushi that often is not ideal, for both my body and my wallet!

That is when I came across Marley Spoon! Marley Spoon is a meal-kit subscription service that delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients directly to your door. Each week, they make a selection of their recipes, of which you can choose two, three or four meals you want to eat that week. You can also choose for how many people you’d like to receive the ingredients: the one to two people box, or the three to four people box. So now, when I know I will have a busy week ahead, I just order a Marley Spoon box, and it saves me loads of time!

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Cheesy queso cauliflower dip

– This post is sponsored by Stompetoren. They sell loads of amazing Dutch cheeses. For this recipe I used their 18+ month old ‘Grand Cru’ cheese, but it is also great on a sandwich, as part of a cheese board, or crumbled in a salad – 

I imagine you might look at the pictures of this post, and be like ‘hmmmm, pretzels and cheese dip…. That’s not really THK approved… right?’ Wrong! This dip actually has loads of cauliflower in it! And that doesn’t make it gross, or yum for delicious food, but just yum. I bet that if you would make this for friends, and just told them it is a cheese dip, they would not even notice the cauliflower in there. I promise you, it is non detectable if you don’t know it’s there! Lately I’ve been really loving cauliflower, and its versatility. It is great to use as a rice alternative, or in this dip of course!

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