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Juice detox: 10 do’s and don’ts

Recently, I did my first juice detox / cleanse from Juizs. It was a three day juice detox, and if follow me on Instagram, you already know that I had quite a hard time! The juices were delicious, but together with the bites I received, my total kcal intake each day was between 600 and 800! 😱 So yes, that is not a lot, especially considering that I’m quite tall (183 cm, or about 6 ft) and I normally eat about 2000 to 2200 kcal each day. However, I have not been eating the healthiest lately, so when I got the offer from Juizs to test their 3-day detox plan, I decided to go for it anyway!

Now that I’m finished I decided to come up with 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to successfully complete your juice detox, if you decide to do one.

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