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Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade with Lime, Mint, Vanilla and Ginger

Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade with Lime, Mint, Vanilla and Ginger. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

Rhubarb is one of those veggies that you almost can’t call a vegetable in the classical eggplant-cucumber-peas kind of way. It’s flavor is too sour and sweet, and it just contains too much liquid to be cooked like normal vegetables.

But… I love it nevertheless! ❤️

I think strawberry rhubarb crumble is one of the most delicious desserts you can have, and a simple rhubarb compote served with some yoghurt makes a great breakfast. Unfortunately though, other than using it for dessert or breakfast, rhubarb is not very versatile.

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Two Ingredient Raspberry Jam

Two ingredient raspberry & chia jam. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

To be honest, I’ve never liked chia pudding.

To be really honest, I absolutely and totally hate them.

That weird, slimy texture, and those tiny crunchy balls… Nope, those puddings are not meant for me. Maybe I’ve just never made it the right way, or maybe it’s just that my tastebuds are weird, but I guess I’ll just have to live with it haha.

However, after all my downright horrible chia pudding experiments, I was still left with a whole bag of chia seeds. Of course they can be used as an egg replacer, in smoothies and to thicken things in general, but with my 500 gram (yes, 500 gram chia seeds – I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered them at iHerb) I really needed some other purposes for them to finish them before the expiration date.

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The Best Marinara Pasta Sauce

The best marinara pasta sauce. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

Ahh, guys, this sauce is amazing!

Seriously… I don’t think I’ll ever return to supermarket pasta sauce. I just can’t imagine how I ever thought ready made pasta sauce was okay. Ah, well wisdom comes with age, right?!

This sauce is the perfect combination between quick-and-easy and made-from-scratch, and making this sauce will truly make you feel like a domestic goddess, or at least I did. Basically all ingredients for this sauce can be picked from your own veggie garden – or bought at the farmers market if you’re not that lucky.

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Burrito Wraps with Veggies and a Lime-Cilantro Hummus

Burrito Wraps with Veggies and a Lime-Cilantro Hummus. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

After all those Cinco de Mayo Mexican festivities a little while back, I kind of became obsessed with Mexican food. I’ve always loved guacamole (for obvious reasons) and maize and tomato and rice and all those classic Mexican (or at least in my non-Mexican eyes classic) ingredients. The reason this post comes this late though is something many of you will probably also have problems are familiar with: finals week, deadlines, essays, revisions, etc.

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The Ultimate Granola

A photo of a granola cluster. Recipe and photo by That Healthy Kitchen

When I was younger, I really enjoyed having granola for breakfast, preferably the one chock full of sugar, refined wheats and even some chocolate pieces if I was lucky. I would gobble it down with some milk or yoghurt and go off to school. Back then, I even thought that that granola was a healthy breakfast, a good choice to start the day. Now I really can’t imagine myself eating store-bought granola for breakfast (or any other meal for that matters), and this is for a couple of reasons, but the most important isn’t even health reasons, it is definitely TASTE.

Once you have made granola yourself once, and you know how good it tastes compared to all the granolas they carry in your local supermarket, you’ll never want anything else!

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Clubsandwich with Tomato Hummus

A photo of a clubsandwich with tomato, avocado, iceberg lettuce and tomato hummus. Recipe by That Healthy Kitchen

Today I was really feeling like making some hummus. I love making hummus myself. It is super easy, quick, and cheaper and tastier than store-bought hummus, plus it is super easy to adjust the hummus to your personal taste. Add some beetroots if you like an earthy flavor, tomatoes if you like it a little sweet or roasted pepper for a smokey flavor. For this clubsandwich, I made some tomato hummus. I really like using dried tomatoes for this, as the flavor is a bit more intense than with fresh tomatoes, but if you don’t have them dried, using fresh tomatoes is no problem. I garnished the sandwich with some fresh tomatoes, half an avocado and some iceberg lettuce. Great lunch!

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