What I eat in a Day

What I Eat In A Day #1

Blueberry smoothie bowl with goji galore natur smoothie, oats, chia, and greek yoghurt, topped with raspberries, passion fruit and coconut flakes

Hi guys, welcome to the first non-recipe post on my blog! I asked you on Instagram whether you were interested in seeing a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ type of blog post, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive, so here we are. If the reactions are positive, I think I will make this a recurring category on my blog.

In daily life I am a MSc student in the field of Molecular Nutrition & Toxicology at Wageningen University (in the Netherlands). Thanks to my knowledge of what makes a diet health (there are no unhealthy foods people, just unhealthy diets!), I know that the most important thing in any diet is balance. So if you expected my diet to be 100% clean, I can tell you right now, it isn’t!

I decided to track my eating habits on the 20th of February (so last Tuesday), and since I was feeling kind of under the weather I ate a bit different than I normally do, but I hope it will still be interesting for you all!

9:30 – For breakfast today I decided to make a smoothie bowl with some fruit juice I received in a PR box (thanks natur!), some greek yoghurt, oats and frozen berries. I figured that maybe a beautiful breakfast like that would make me feel a bit better, and I had some extra time in the morning since my class did not start until 10:30. I really enjoyed it, but I do think that I should tweak the recipe a bit, but I will let you know when the recipe will come online.

12:30 – After my class finished at 12:15, I headed to my Health Issue (the magazine of our study-association) meeting. Since I did not want to disturb the meeting too much, I had a small bottle with leftovers from my smoothie bowl from this morning as a snack/small lunch. I added some extra water to the smoothie though, because it was way too thick to drink on its own. (I forgot to take a photo of this, sorry guys!)

Sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus

13:30 – After the meeting I went home (and decided to skip class, woops!) and had my real lunch: two slices of wholegrain sesame bread with roasted red pepper hummus. It’s an old blog post, so please ignore the photos, but the recipe is still one of my favorites!

Dried mango

15:30 – Actually I was supposed to have another lecture from 13:30 to 15:15, but since I had a really bad stomach ache, I decided to watch the lecture at home (all our lectures are recorded – yay for technology!) and I had some dried mango and herbal tea as a snack while watching it.

Recipe for curried beet soup with madras roasted chickpeas

19:15 – For dinner I was kind of lazy and decided to eat what I had the day before too: curried beet soup with madras roasted chickpeas. I also added some extra feta (not in the photo), since I didn’t eat a lot of protein today. This was really yummy and I’m happy that I decided to have a healthy dinner in stead of eating ‘comfort food’ that probably wouldn’t have been as nutrient dense. Soup always does me good when I’m feeling under the weather :)

Overall, I think today was an okay day, considering that I was feeling sick. I don’t think I ate enough protein (at all) though, and I normally do try to pay extra attention to that, but I did eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, so I guess that kind of makes up for it. All in all, this isn’t my best day, but also not my worst.

If you want to see more ‘What I Eat in a Day’ blogposts, let me know by leaving a comment down below! I really enjoyed tracking my food for a day, so I think I will try to do this more often!


  • Reply Zonderzooi February 24, 2018 at 13:29

    Leuk om te lezen Emma! Kan niet wachten om nog meer van deze eetdagboekjes van je te lezen. Liefs!

    • Reply Emma February 24, 2018 at 13:48

      Ah lief Dali, dankjewel!! Denk dat ik er eentje per maand ga proberen te plaatsen, dat moet lukken :)

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