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Simple Veggie Bowl

A photo of a big bowl with a simple salad veggie bowl with lentils. Recipe by That Healthy Kitchen

I love having a salad for lunch or dinner, but I am always a bit relentless to actually call it a salad. For me, the word salad makes me think of an unhealthy, skinny, unhappy person, eating dull and tasteless lettuce with a diet coke on the side, slowly just deteriorating into his/her own unhappiness or something.

Okay, that is probably a bit overdone, but you get what I mean right?! I mean, the word salad just kind of has this negative vibe, or for me at least. So, that is also the reason why the title of this blog post isn’t simple salad, but simple veggie bowl. Sounds somewhat less boring in my opinion! Another trick I often use to make my salads veggie bowls more interesting and filling is by adding some whole grains and/or legumes and grilled veggies.

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