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Smokey Roasted Chickpeas

A recipe for Smokey Roasted Chickpeas. Perfectly crunchy and lightly flavored with pimentón (smoked paprika powder), garlic, black pepper and salt. Recipe by That Healthy Kitchen

A little while ago I tasted my first ever roasted chickpeas… And wow, I was mind blown by the taste and texture! Normally, I find that the texture of cooked chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) can soon become a bit crumbly/mealy on the inside, which is something I absolutely hate (and with me most people I think). But with those roasted chickpeas that was not the case at all. They were actually super crispy and crunchy and very flavorful, and as a bonus they were even really filling too.

Of course, I had to recreate them at home, which was actually quite a challenge. I think it took me a good 5 batches or so to get the crispiness and the flavoring quite right, but now they are even better than the ones that I first had! The secret is to not use too much oil, and to preheat your oven as hot as possible. I have a really small and honestly not such a great oven, but it still manages to heat up to 220 degrees C, so even if your oven isn’t the most fancy model, this recipe should even work for you.

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